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Reclaiming Jihad: A Qur’anic Critique of Terrorism

ElSayed M. A. Amin

Reclaiming Jihad: A Qur’anic Critique of Terrorism


In this important and timely work ElSayed Amin engages the Qur’an exegetical tradition to critique misreadings of the Qur’an that have been used to establish violence as the relational norm between Muslims and non-Muslims. He distinguishes both Islamic jihad and armed deterrence from modern terrorism through examination of the 9/11 attacks, and proposes legal proscriptions for terrorism from the Qur’an on the basis of its political, social and psychological impacts.

At a time when terrorism and extremism are commonly associated with Islam in general, this pointed rejection of such practices and positions based on the Qur’an is an essential work that will challenge beliefs and change perceptions.


Publisher: Kube 

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