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Identity Texts

Margaret Early

Identity Texts


This book shows how identity texts have proved to be an effective and inspirational way of engaging learners in multilingual schools around the world. Identity texts describe a variety of creative work by children, led by classroom teachers: collaborative inquiry, literary narratives, dramatic and multimodal performances. We see how the identity texts produced held up a mirror to the students which reflected their identities back in a positive light.

The book features: Jim Cummins' account of identity texts and how they relate to pedagogy; case studies of identity text construction by educators and students in schools - in parts of North America - in Burkina Faso and Rwanda in Africa - and in Ireland; and, future projects generated by brainstorming among the contributors to this volume. "Identity Texts" is essential reading for everyone concerned with developing appropriate pedagogy for schools and for all who work with multilingual children.


Publisher: Trentham Books

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