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Equal Measures

Penny Travers

Equal Measures


What are the best ways of working effectively with ethnic minority and bilingual pupils in secondary schools? How can schools make optimal use of teaching assistants? What do pupils have to say? This wide ranging and insightful book presents the views of pupils, the community, teachers, managers and advisers, who draw on their own experiences and share their insights and learning. All are in one London borough, but the views captured here are relevant to all educational practitioners working in multiethnic and multilingual schools anywhere in the West.What is new about this book is that it shows why certain principles and practices have proved so successful in the case study schools and how they can be widely applied to: welcoming newly arrived pupils inclusion in all aspects of school life teacher expectations, effective support -- and challenge -- for pupils learning English as an additional language strategic planning and the importance of imaginative approaches to teaching, learning and building a sense of belonging Chapters outline the importance of strategic thinking and planning at whole school and classroom level and the value of working in partnership. One is devoted to the role that teaching assistants play in raising ethnic minority achievement and describes models of good practice at primary school that can be transferred to secondary level. A chapter on fluent maths shows how the teaching of mathematics can be culturally inclusive and can develop thinking, language and literacy skills. Further chapters consider groups who are vulnerable or risk not realising their full potential, including those from refugee families and Traveller communities. Black students who are bucking the trend and achieving highly speak out about what has enabled them to succeed at school and what teachers should be doing.Much can be done to enhance the learning experiences of pupils and the small scale action research projects described here have all made a significant difference to academic performance. Anyone working in a culturally diverse school needs this book. It will also be valuable to teacher trainers and students and to policy makers.

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